Projects > Finishing operations of the 3rd and implementation of 4th segments of Sardabroud Channel

Executive operations of "Sardabroud channel" plan include the completion of the third section and Implementation of fourth section and all related auxiliary hydraulic structures is as follows: Water supply channel with the Length of approximately 20 km with a capacity of about 4.2 cubic meters per second. This channel is implemented with rectangular section. Service road along the canal and stone walls by channels' dikes, with the total width of 4.5 meters, 3.5m of it will have gravel laying for the thickness of 20cm. Car and pedestrian bridges on rectangular canals. 18 of basin structures from channel is equipped with Amill gates and 5 of basin structures have duck bill spillway and all of them have near peak type distributors in various types. Construction of 10 siphons structures, 63 units of box culvert. 3 drain system structures.


  • Employer: Mazandaran Regional Water Co.
  • Location: Chalous
  • Start Date: 25/06/2013
  • Finish Date: 15% Progress

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