Projects > Engineering and Construction of Under Pressure Irrigation and Drainage Sub-Network and Equipment and Modernization of Bone Basht

This project is for integration services of agricultural lands and social facilitation in order to free the way, procurement, loading, transporting and docking of all equipment, valves, pumps, fittings and accessories of pipeline and pumping stations and implementation of under pressure sub-networks and drainage of area of 3000 hectares of Bone Basht lands and participation in operation for one year after temporary delivery. That the initial estimate of lateral pipe length 1,350 km, length of replenishing main pipes 94 km and 14 irrigation blocks that include 14 pumping stations, as well as 112 km of service road and construction of 20km grade 3 drainage.


  • Employer: Jahad Nasr Institute
  • Location: Khouzestan
  • Start Date: September 2014
  • Finish Date: 98% Progress

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