Projects > Engineering and Construction of Transmission and Distribution of Water to Sistan Plain’s, Nimrouz Zone – Construction Unit 2

The design, procurement, implementation and construction of Nimrouz Zone – Construction Unit 2 main network and distribution of irrigation water with an area of 9400 hectares, including - Design, Producing of construction drawings and operation for one year - Construction of 400 square meters office building and 1200 square meters warehouse - Construction of pumping stations with water regulator pool and underground concrete tank - Pipelaying of 600 to 1600 mm diameter GRP pipe with length of 13km with equipment and connections - Pipelaying of 50 to 150 mm diameter Polyethylene pipe with length of 354km with equipment and connections - 177km Service Road - Construction of 1325 steel reinforced concrete valve basin and procurement and installation of valves with 200 to 1600 mm diameter - Constriction of technical buildings and intersection of 600 cubic meters


  • Employer: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Location: Sistan & Balouchestan
  • Start Date: December 2015
  • Finish Date: 56% Progress

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